Tokyo Blues featured in Inspired Eye Issue 27

I was fortunate enough to be featured and be on the cover of Inspired Eye magazine last month. Inspired Eye magazine is a monthly online publication featuring street photographers from all over the world, sharing their projects and their stories in a well curated platform. As the name suggests, Inspired Eye is there to inspire us. It interviews those who are featured to help us better understand their stories and get more into their personas in order to understand them more.

The feature was about the series of photos I made in Tokyo early 2015 using the Ricoh GR.  I've been asked about my choice on using black and white and there is actually a few reasons.

  • Homage to the Japanese aesthetic - I'm heavily influenced by the way some classic Japanese photographer shoot their black and whites, be it Araki or Moriyama or Hosoe or Tomatsu.  They're at the same time jarring and intimate, filled with honesty and very personal.
  • Street photography philosophy of Moriyama - Like a stray dog (In the words of Daido Moriyama), I wandered day and night, all over Tokyo to photograph whatever I saw.  I point the camera and take quick snapshots without looking at the screen or the viewfinder.  The goal was to capture unfiltered content, and then sort after the fact. This video talks more about his methods.
  • The message - As colorful as Tokyo is, the city is very angsty.  An average of 70 people commit suicide every day in 2014 (!).  While not trying to capture the dread, I wanted to show more of the mundane, repetitive, metallic feeling that I get when I am there, combined with my personal hint of irony.
Here are just some tearsheets from the set.  You can access the series of photos here on my website.

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